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Thread Lift

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What is Thread Lift?

Thread lift is also used to correct wrinkles, saggy skin. There are two types of wrinkles: The dynamic wrinkles are cured by botox while static wrinkles need thread lift. The thread helps to produce cologne is skin which helps keeps skin tight & wrinkle free.

How does thread lift work?

Thread lift is also applied for breast lift & neck lift condition. Thread lift involves insertion of different kind of thread under the skin & these thread are something which helps in the production of collagen beneath the skin. The thread is inserted through cannula.

What kind of pain can be experienced?

There can be little pain while inserting needle, tolerable pain.

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How shortly can the effects be seen?

Since the treads support production of collagen and collagen makes the condition better, Thread lifting won’t show immediate effects in das but it will gradually have its impacts. The effect will take time to appear.

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