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Sexually Transmitted Infections

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What Is Sexually Transmitted Infections?

STIs are infections which are found in sexually active people which transmit through sexual intercourse, usually involving external genitals. STI’s involve various skin conditions including severe itching, rashes, red dots, pus filled pores, ulcers, yellow/red discharge etc. in the external genitals of the infected.

Once the disorder is confirmed different types of medications are provided accordingly to the nature of the disease. We also try to examine sexual partners of STI carrying people since it may have transmitted to them too.

What should be done for STIs?

First of all if people feel any such problems they should not be hesitant to visit doctors and explain their problems and properly continue with treatment. In order to prevent STIs we suggest the usage of barrier methods like condoms.

Hesitation is not the solution treatment is. Talk to us. Book your appointment, we’re here to help you. Contact Us at

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