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Vascular disorders

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What is Vascular disorders?

Vascular disorders are any condition that affect the network of blood vessels. Vascular disorders aren’t generally related to dermatology but some issues also affect & damage the skin.

What type of Vascular disorder cases are related to dermatology?

Disorders like Varicose and spider veins also affect the skin. Varicose & spider veins are enlarged veins that often twist and can bulge above the surface of the skin. They may be blue, red, or flesh-colored. Spider veins often look like webs.

How are vascular problems treated by dermatology?

At Skinciti, IPL treatment is used to treat skin conditions caused by vascular disorders. Dermatologists use light & lasers to treat spider veins and small varicose veins. During laser treatment, your dermatologist directs the laser light at the vein.

Vascular Disorders aren’t normal & shouldn’t be left untreated. Consult for treatment. Contact Us at

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Would the treatment be painful?

Since it is corrected by IPL technology, the treatment would not be painful but the patient will have to endure slight heat & warm sensation but which is tolerable completely.

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